Phi and Pi - Pi and Phi

The Music in Phi and Pi

The Golden Number 'Phi' (1.6180339887....) has fascinated and enthralled generations of artists, architects, scientists, theologians and mathematicians. Its design can be found in all aspects of the natural world here on this planet and on cosmological scales. Many use it to prove the existence of God's power in the ordering of the Universe.

This site attempts to present Phi and another fascinating irrational number, Pi, as simple musical events.

The basis for these pieces is a simple Dorian scale (D to D on the white notes on a piano) where 0 is equated with low D and 9 is represented by high F.

In these pieces the note sequences for both Phi and Pi are presented to 2000 decimal places.


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Phi - fast (282bpm)

Pi - fast (282bpm)

Phi (high) - Pi (low) fast (282bpm)

Pi (high) - Phi (low) fast (282bpm)

Phi - slow (90bpm)

Pi - slow (90bpm)

Phi (high) - Pi (low) slow (90bpm)

Pi (high) - Phi (low) slow (90bpm)