Chronogram Explorer and Solver
Chronograms have fascinated generations of people. A chronogram is a sentence or inscription in which the letters M,D,C,L,X,V,I, usually but not exclusively in Latin, are capitalised and interpreted as Roman numerals, then have their values added up so as to give a number. There are two ways of interpreting letters. For instance, a 'U' is usually interpeted as a 'V', and furthermore a 'W' MAY be seen as 'V V', especially in the Anglicised version of interpretation. This Chronogram Solver allows you to interpret the letters in both forms and is to my knowledge the first and only solver on the Internet!
To use this Chronogram Solver, please follow the simple steps:
1) Type or paste (without RETURNS) some text into the field below (maximum 1000 charactors)
2) Hit Submit. This removes all characters other than the Roman Numerals
3) Copy this text (Select, Right click, Copy) into the lower field. This converts to upper case
4) Hit OK!
5) Hit *Next* Or, if you wish to open the next stage in a new window, (good if you are new to this Explorer and need to go back to review each step), hit 'Next (Open in New Window)' at the bottom of each page


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