Music by Paul Freeman

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A very warm welcome to this site.
On the updated site you will find compositions
for a wide variety of instumental and
vocal combinations, sacred and secular.
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All Compositions contained in this Site remain the Intellectual Property of the Author, Paul Freeman. ŠPaul Freeman (2006-2012)                            

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Third Double Canon from The Art of a Musical Offering.

Each work is represented by one 
or two pages from the
If you wish to view the whole work,
please fill in the information box 
at the foot of this page and I will
send you the entire work either 
as an e-mail attachment or,
if you provide an address, 
I will post it to you.

'The future of our land is with the Workers and the Young'
(Dick Gaughan - Thomas Muir of Huntershill)

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